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Unleash Your Creative Fire + Live a Soul-Aligned Life

Soul  Led  Magic

VIP 1:1 Coaching for the Unfulfilled Creative Woman ready to take control of her life & hone her intuition so she can live the life her Soul has been calling her to.​

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Ready to get your passions off the back burner

and let your Soul be the guide?

Are you a multi-passionate, creative woman who feels unfulfilled, stuck in the daily grind, and yearning for something more? Do you often find yourself daydreaming about pursuing your passions, but fear and self-doubt hold you back? It's time to break free from the shackles of societal expectations and step into the extraordinary life that your soul is calling you to live.


Stop settling for a mediocre life and embrace what's been calling you.

How many more days will you live on repeat?

I’ve never felt more empowered to take charge of my destiny, and fully enjoy the journey.

-Sara W.

Any of this sound familiar?


1. You're a multi-passionate creative but your dreams & desires are on the back burner.

Your brain has 10 different ideas of where to go, pulling you in different directions leaving you so overwhelmed you do nothing. Or clean your house instead.

2. You feel unfulfilled, flat, and stagnant.

There's creativity going unused and untapped potential, but instead of taking action on your goals, you're going through the motions and living life on autopilot (work, eat, Netflix, sleep, repeat.)

4. You KNOW you were made for more.

The societal norm isn't cutting it and you're tired of being boxed in by everyone else's expectations, but the fear of failure keeps you stuck.


5. You've done it all!

You've said daily affirmations, listened to all the "high vibe" podcasts, read the self help books, (hell, you may have even bought a course on "How to Manifest the Perfect Life" that you didn't finish,) but life generally stays the same and you still feel lost and alone in the process.


Welcome to Soul Led Magic, the transformative private coaching program designed exclusively for women like you. Led by intuitive coach Jenne Sharpe, this program is your passport to unlocking your true potential, reconnecting with your inner wisdom, and creating a life that aligns with your deepest desires.


Soul Led Magic


and it can be magical AF.   Just imagine...

Having your intuition as your guide  (a compass you can trust!)  and feeling deeply connected to your soul's purpose and passion while excited to make an impact in the world.

Knowing your life's mission by finding the golden thread that runs through all of your passions. 

Having bite size action steps to help you achieve your goals and the focus to follow through.

Making quick and confident decisions that leave you feeling like an empowered woman.

Be the REAL, authentic, lit up YOU that isn't influenced by everyone else (your boss, your mom, your bestie, social media...) and doesn't need permission to express yourself. 

Being truly free. 


This isn't some generalized course, it's all about YOU.

What sets Soul Led Magic apart from the rest? Unlike traditional coaching approaches, Jenne embraces a holistic and soul-centered approach that empowers you to become the leader of your own life. Drawing upon the guidance of the universe and your innate intuition, she will be your compassionate guide, supporting you every step of the way on your journey of self-discovery and self-actualization.


1. Everything is completely customized to YOU and meant to meet you exactly where you are at. You will not receive any pre-made material. You weren't made with a cookie cutter, and neither is this program.

2. It's holistic. I'm here for ALL of you, not just your top goal, because areas of life affect each other, so ALL of you is welcome. Plus, I'm not here to tell you what to do, I'm always going to lead you back to YOU, to tap into your deepest desires and use your intuition as your compass. 

3. It's 1-on-1. Many coaches sell courses which can be packed full of great info, but there's no support or accountability. Another popular option is group coaching which is better, but the coach's time and focus is divided among many. Not only do I offer 1 hour every week dedicated to you, I'm available 5 days a week on Voxer for support between sessions, encouragement, to answer questions, and celebrate your wins.


Hi, I'm Jenne!

I'm an Intuitive Guide and Women's Coach for soulful creatives like yourself. Not only am I a certified coach, I also work with the subconscious mind as an EFT practitioner, and with people's energy as a Reiki practitioner. 


If you're here then I know you are ready to live a life of passion and meaning, you just feel a bit... stuck. Or a lot stuck! 

I know what it's like because I've been there, but I'm here to tell you to keep going because there is SO much more waiting for you.

The path I took to live an intuitively-led life with ease looked something like this:

  • Downloading countless freebies and doing free challenge after free challenge with no results

  • Reading dozens of self help books and listening to podcasts but not knowing what to do with the information

  • Taking courses, classes, workshops, working with healers, being in premium masterminds and paying for a variety of high ticket coaching programs to piece it all together

This path took YEARS and cost me over $20,000!

I designed Soul Led Magic so that unfulfilled creative women can leave fear behind and take an accelerated route toward their goals and burning desires so they can create the change they need to live a life they LOVE! This path offers a rapid transformation over only 10 weeks while being guided and fully supported along the way.

Also, I can't help but brag about my clients


Here's how:


So, what's included in the program?



Nine 1-on-1 sessions customized to meet you exactly where you're at. 60 minutes each.



1 energy healing sessions, with chakra balancing and intuitive reading.


A clear roadmap for your goals and weekly action steps to help you get there.

Plus valuable written session notes to keep.

Unlimited voice + text support via Voxer during office hours to feel supported between calls.

Untitled design (3).jpg


Taking your goals into consideration, we'll draw up a plan for your success with action steps that feel aligned with your business and authentic self (no action will feel spammy or cold- just because a "guru" said to do it doesn't mean it's best for YOU.

"After the first session my focus and productivity skyrocketed. I  was then able to move both my creative work and business forward. I highly recommend working with her!"

Tracy Nicholas

Want to make sure this program is for you?

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Woman in Plants_edited.jpg
Woman in Plants_edited.jpg
Woman in Plants_edited.jpg
Woman in Plants_edited.jpg

This is TOTALLY for you if:

You are a creative woman who wants to follow your intuition and no longer worry about what others think of you

You feel a longing from your Soul for specific passion projects or work but feel stuck or have been self sabotaging

You are coachable, a good listener, enthusiastic, and committed to your success even if it means trying new things

You are open and willing to do deep healing work and ready to show up weekly for rapid transformation

You are ready to make an investment in yourself  

This is not for you if:

You just want someone to tell you what to do

You aren't sure what you're passionate about or have no desire to accomplish a specific goal

Want to stay in your comfort zone and would prefer to keep playing small

You want a quick fix for your life instead of enjoying the process of living

Don't have the time for weekly appointments and implementing new things in your business, or chronically cancel or show up late

Personal transformation is not a top priority for you right now

Every area of your life is already a "10"

See what others have to say



I have made SO much personal and professional progress since working with Jenne as a coach!! She has a beautiful gift of seeing things from a fresh and lovingly honest perspective. No matter the issue, I can bring it to her and I always leave with a sense of peace and clarity. I had my best month in business ever (13k!!) while working with Jenne. She is wise, intuitive, and kind- while also knowing how and when to be firm and push me towards my goals. We work together to find the right action steps to take that feel aligned with my energy and intentions. I’m so grateful for our work together and would highly recommend her to anyone who is trying to level up in life!!

Screenshot 2022-01-03 203551.jpg


From the first moment I spoke with Jenne I could tell she was more than your average business coach. Her positive, patient, and compassionate energy instantly fostered a connection where I not only felt comfortable discussing my shortcomings, but felt inspired and motivated to work on them. 


In just two sessions she helped me unearth deep-rooted limiting beliefs from past traumas I didn’t even realize I’d had. These responses had forced me into a lack mindset and prevented me from thriving the way I now know I deserve. With her exercises and tools, I’ve been able to shift my perspective and now feel more confident when pitching to clients because I genuinely know I’m worth the rates I set. I'm able to embody my divine feminine energy and recognize that rest is important to to stay consistent and prevent burnout.


I highly recommend Jenne’s service because she truly helps you unlock your highest potential and attract the abundance you deserve.

Screenshot 2021-12-14 114539_edited.jpg


If you are on the fence about investing in the Ignite Your Inner Goddess coaching program, let this review help be your deciding factor to go for it. Before I met Jenne, I was struggling with wanting to follow my intuition, lack of confidence and fear of failure and judgement to name a few things. I wasn’t confident I could start a new business or that it would be successful and I was unsure whether a coaching program could really help me, but I’m so glad I decided to make the jump and invest in myself.


Week after week Jenne helped me tackle both personal and business issues some of which I didn’t even realize were a block for me. Even when I showed resistance, she still challenged me while still remaining kind and caring. The IYIG program has completely shifted who I am and how I go through my day to day life, and I’m a better person for it. The value that you get out of the program way exceeds the cost and I am completely confident that my new business venture will be a complete success and I love that I am loving this new version of me. This girl is on fire!

Get started today!




Nine 1-on-1 coaching sessions 

One Reiki energy healing sessions 

Unlimited Voxer voice + text support 

One custom Goddess Activation Meditation made especially for you!

1 payment in full of

3 payments of


Nine 1-on-1 coaching sessions 

One Reiki energy healing sessions 

Unlimited Voxer voice + text support 

One custom Goddess Activation Meditation made especially for you!


In case you were wondering...


There's never a perfect time for anything, and if you want it, you have to claim it. How long have you been stuck in fear? If you don't make a change you'll be in the same place you've been for years. 


I'm going to bet you have a feeling that it's now or never- that if you don't fully commit and truly go for it, you never will. 


I totally get it, I've made my fair share of large investments (20k remember?) and it's always been a stretch. Growth is never in your comfort zone and this is the best kind of investment- one in yourself.

How much will it cost you to stay stuck? Your freedom, time with your loved ones, your health, your dreams.... Are you worth it?
The choice is up to you! 

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