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A high vibe community for

soulful female entrepreneurs early in their journey & doin' it solo

Starting your own business can be lonely AF, but it doesn't have to be!

As an entrepreneur you have the freedom and ability to work from anywhere, but have you found yourself isolated, distracted, and missing coworkers? You're not alone- I hear this from my clients all the time.

They not only wanted the support and guidance of weekly coaching, they also craved community! 

If that's you and you know that community is key to not procrastinating and not giving up on your dreams, then I invite you to Expand Your Magic

When you sign up you'll...

  • Be part of the most potent community of like-minded women who totally get you. And you won't have to go it alone anymore- you'll be in the company of your soul sisters.

  • Receive hands-on support and guidance while learning to bust through the fears that have been holding you back.

  • Learn how to use your intuition as an empowered business owner in your soulful biz and never have to second-guess yourself again.

  • Become hyper productive and the master of your To-Do List. You'll even be knocking the things off your list that you've been avoiding like the plague. 

Check out what happens when I hold space for passionate ladies:

Here's what you'll receive when you join


One group coaching call a month, with a chance to be coached through your question.


Get to know your new biz besties in a private Facebook group, where you can support and encourage each other.


Two co-working sessions a month to get sh*t done and give your loneliness the boot.

A Gift

Once a month you'll receive a soulful gift such as a live full moon ceremony, a recorded meditation, or a training with a guest expert!


Hey, I'm Jenne!

I'm an Inner Goddess Coach for soulful and determined entrepreneurs like yourself. Not only am I a certified coach, I also work with the subconscious mind as an EFT practitioner, and with people's energy as a Reiki practitioner. 

The way I help women best is by being an intuitive guide, to help them see the bigger picture as well as the thing they've been missing, and to rapidly assist them in upleveling their mindset. 

I'm so excited to bring together the passionate women who are willing to follow their soul's calling and help them Expand Their Magic.


Ready to do this??

There are no plans available.

As a founding member of the Expand Your Magic Community, you'll receive this special pricing. The rate will raise to $97 a month soon, so join now to save $20!

Please note, to help truly build a community, you will be asked to commit to 3 months. After that you'll be free to cancel anytime.