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The Good Sleep

"Ugh I'm so tired, I just kept scrolling on my phone last night. I need to get my sleep schedule on track. Like, make a bedtime routine, turn off the screens and go to bed at a decent time."

Sound familiar?

I'm sick of saying this every few days, claiming I'm going to do something about it and.. NOT.

It's time to get intentional about sleep, something that seems to fall to the bottom of the self care list. 

And so, the Good Sleep Challenge was born.

Here's the Deets:

  • 30 days starting July 1st

  • You'll receive a Good Sleep Packet to guide you through the 30 days. Inside you'll find a habit tracker to see your progress, a template to create your new nourishing bed time routine, and a few journaling prompts.

  • Join the FB group to share your wins, cheer on the other women, and hold yourself accountable.

  • $30

Who's this for?

Any soulful woman is welcome!

Who's throwing this shindig? 

I am, I'm Inner Goddess Coach Jenne Sharpe!

While I'm usually coaching soulpreneurs 1-on-1  or hosting Full Moon Ceremonies,  the inspiration for this challenge came and I decided to open it up to others. 

The vibe will be very laid back and chill, no daily emails or coaching calls. Just each of us on our own journey to the best sleep of our lives and the accountability of being in a group to get there. 


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