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How To Pick Your First Oracle Deck

Picking your first deck can be an exciting or annoying experience when you are wanting THE perfect deck. It's important because this is a special tool that's used as an extension of your intuition, but don't forget to have some fun and not over analyze since you will probably purchase more than one deck. Here are some tips on how to choose.

Read the Reviews

Reading reviews is a bit of a double edged sword- lot's of praise but also plenty of critiques that can leave you doubting your choice.

What you really want to pay attention to is mentions of quality: is the deck hard to shuffle? How's the thickness and quality of the paper? Do the cards stick together? etc.

Avoid the Cheap Decks

If it's being sold on a site like Temu, they are NOT legitimate. These are imitations, usually of lower quality, smaller size and completely rip off the artist and creator of the original deck.

They will generally not be lower than $15 on sale. Stick with local bookstores and metaphysical shops, Hay House, and shops on Amazon that are linked to the deck creator or publisher.

Do the Values Align with Yours?

Every deck is different. Some will have Pagan themes, astrology, or even Christian and religious undertones. This is where reading reviews and browsing pictures of the individual cards can come in handy. I've seen a few reviews where buyers didn't realize the deck would have cards that felt religious with the explanation in the book or the card themselves having figures like Mary. Do your research so that you understand the overall vibe of the deck and what topics or figures it will include.

Make Sure it's Actually an Oracle Deck

Many times I've gotten excited over a stunning deck only to be disappointed to find it was actually a Tarot deck. And yes, they are different. A Tarot deck will have the same cards in every deck (Ace of Swords, Three of Wands, etc) and each card has a meaning that experienced Tarot Readers have memorized. An Oracle deck can have anything in it- cards with different Goddesses, Animal, or Crystals. Most decks have an accompanying book with the meanings for each card, but I prefer to never use that book and let my intuition lead the way for interpreting each card, which is unique to the person I'm reading for.

Some decks you'll find in your search are affirmations, better suited for pulling one card a day, or yes/no type decks, having less than 20 cards while most Oracle decks have around 50 cards.

Find that "OooOoo" Feeling

I spent months looking at Oracle Card Decks. There were many decks I liked but then I'd look at pictures of the individual cards and would see elements I didn't like- too many words on the cards, some looked cheesy, some had gorgeous covers but the art on the rest of the cards wasn't as good. When I found the right deck, I KNEW I found the right deck. Everything about it seemed perfect!

Being an overthinker can really make decisions difficult, so take breaks if you feel frustrated or confused. Don't let the overwhelm get to you, decide that the right deck WILL be found and enjoy the journey.

Here are a few more fun decks you might enjoy:

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