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Sara Wells
Retreat Director

If you are on the fence about investing in the Ignite Your Inner Goddess coaching program, let this review help be your deciding factor to go for it. Before I met Jenne, I was struggling with wanting to follow my intuition, lack of confidence and fear of failure and judgement to name a few things. I wasn’t confident I could start a new business or that it would be successful and I was unsure whether a coaching program could really help me, but I’m so glad I decided to make the jump and invest in myself.


Week after week Jenne helped me tackle both personal and business issues some of which I didn’t even realize were a block for me. Even when I showed resistance, she still challenged me while still remaining kind and caring. The IYIG program has completely shifted who I am and how I go through my day to day life, and I’m a better person for it. The value that you get out of the program way exceeds the cost and I am completely confident that my new business venture will be a complete success and I love that I am loving this new version of me. This girl is on fire!

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Christina Fontaine
Artist & Copywriter

From the first moment I spoke with Jenne I could tell she was more than your average business coach. Her positive, patient, and compassionate energy instantly fostered a connection where I not only felt comfortable discussing my shortcomings, but felt inspired and motivated to work on them. 


In just two sessions she helped me unearth deep-rooted limiting beliefs from past traumas I didn’t even realize I’d had. These responses had forced me into a lack mindset and prevented me from thriving the way I now know I deserve. With her exercises and tools, I’ve been able to shift my perspective and now feel more confident when pitching to clients because I genuinely know I’m worth the rates I set. I'm able to embody my divine feminine energy and recognize that rest is important to to stay consistent and prevent burnout.


I highly recommend Jenne’s service because she truly helps you unlock your highest potential and attract the abundance you deserve.

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Melissa L.
Fiber Artist & Graphic Designer

I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to work with a coach like Jenne. She's a great listener and takes the time to truly understand me and how I work as creative. She tailors her coaching based on what works best for me while still giving me the tools to grow, rather than apply a “one size fits all” type of coaching program, and I truly appreciate that! We’ve dug down deep and made some real eye-opening connections I’ve never uncovered before with anyone else, and it’s been so humbling and therapeutic to say the least. It’s like working with a therapist and a coach all at once. I’ve tried a couple other coaching/biz programs that were in groups, but the one-on-one coaching style that I get with Jenne works much better for me. I don’t want my coaching time to end but I would highly, highly recommend working with Jenne! Especially if you want the more intimate and personal style of coaching.


Lindsey Thomas
Coach, Hypnotherapist, Massage Therapist

I have made SO much personal and professional progress since working with Jenne as a coach!! She has a beautiful gift of seeing things from a fresh and lovingly honest perspective. No matter the issue, I can bring it to her and I always leave with a sense of peace and clarity. I had my best month in business ever (13k!!) while working with Jenne.


She is wise, intuitive, and kind- while also knowing how and when to be firm and push me towards my goals. We work together to find the right action steps to take that feel aligned with my energy and intentions. I’m so grateful for our work together and would highly recommend her to anyone who is trying to level up in life!!

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Melissa L.
Fiber Artist & Graphic Designer

Jenne is not only an amazing coach, but she's a supporter and a guiding light in all aspects of life, not only business. She listens wholeheartedly and helped me get to the root of some my obstacles, which is so hard to do alone. She was always there to help and was very responsive via messaging, even when we weren't in live sessions. She gave me homework, tools and tips for my business that helped me make progress and take action. Even though I'm at the end of my program I know I always have her as an authentic mentor, supporter and cheerleader in my entrepreneur journey and that's irreplaceable. Plus she's simply a beautiful human :) I highly recommend working with Jenne if you get the chance to.


Kathryn T.

After 1-hour working with Jenne, I felt like a completely different person. It's hard to put into words but I felt lighter, more at ease, and all the things I felt like were preventing me from growing my business had dissipated. That was just in one hour. She has a knack for asking the right questions in a very simple way that jolt you out of the story you're telling yourself. If you want rapid transformation, I highly recommend Jenne.


Traci Ferguson
Relationship Coach

I worked with Jenne in a brief but crazy season of grief and overwhelm. Mentally, emotionally and logistically - my life felt unbalanced to say the least. Our most powerful session centered around some past addictive behaviors that had snuck up on me. I was slogging through guilt and shame and tons of fear. Jenne helped me give myself permission to be human. To forgive myself. And to slow down the treadmill that my brain was on. She led me through a tapping session that was so incredibly grounding and truly transformative. In moments of chaos and overwhelm, I think I STILL channel her energy from that session. Such a gift.

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Amy Schmidt
Author, Coach, Sound Healer

Something that I always value from my sessions from Jenne is the way that I'm able to walk away with a new perspective on the same problem. She empowers me to meet my life every day with the beliefs that I am capable, powerful and knowledgeable. Jenne's unique perspective is perfect to enact the mindset shifts needed to generate positive change in your life. 

Even more than that, her reiki sessions are so soothing and charming, and I loved hearing her intuitive take during our call after. I would absolutely recommend Jenne to anyone who's looking for a mindset or productivity coach for a permanent shift, or a reiki session if you need some quick help. You will not be disappointed in her enormous empathic heart.

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Samantha Robbins
Charity Founder

Jenne is a godsend! She came into my life at what seemed like the perfect time. 


I needed a mindset shift in my business and life and she helped me do that! She made me realize my value and worth just in  one call. I made some huge shifts after that and even decided to make some business changes. I was holding back on my skills and potential for growth but she helped me realize I had all the strength to take those steps now and not wait “for the right time.”


If you are looking for someone to help you when you're stuck as an entrepreneur needing the push into the right direction she’s your girl!

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Sara Wells
Retreat Director

"The Ignite Your Inner Goddess program does just that. I’ve never felt more empowered to take charge of my destiny, and fully enjoy the journey. Before I started having sessions with Jenne, I was completely stressed out, had no energy, felt unsure of myself and a bit aimless when it came to a business I wanted to start. Jenne’s empathy and intuitiveness allowed me to feel seen and helped me take the action I needed to make impactful changes in my life.


I have so much more energy now, have significantly reduced my stress, take way more pleasure in my daily life and feel confident that I can start my new business venture. I’m forever grateful for these sessions because I know I would not be the same without them."

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Lindsey Thomas
Coach, Hypnotherapist, Bodyworker

I feel SO empowered and excited for my future! She really helped me tap into what I truly want in life, and the necessary action steps it will take for me to get there. She helped me uncover what was getting in the way and how to navigate that.


I feel so connected to my Higher Self and so excited to take more action on my passions. I highly recommend Jenne as a coach and mentor. She is so wise, insightful and encouraging. Looking forward to more sessions with her!

Enjoying Outdoor

Tracy Nicholas

After the first session my focus and productivity skyrocketed. I used her suggestions to break my habits getting in my way and got past a case of writers block. I was then able to move both my creative work and business forward. I highly recommend working with her!

Cheryl Keegan

Jenne was amazing!!! She taught me how to define and connect to my vision. Her enthusiastic energy made me realize my message is important and worth sharing with others.

Maggie DeBono

Jenne made me feel like she also shared a genuine desire to help me succeed and push forward. I wanted to keep her positive attitude flowing as it brought out the exuberance in me!!

Shea Ford

Jenne helped me figure out what my mission as a harpist and writer is within a mere hour! She encouraged me to focus on positives. Everything that seemed disconnected yet important in my life now has a unified focus for my mission! I highly recommend her as a coach!

Mountian Camping

Melissa Matulka

Jenne and I had a session and the journey we went on to discover my current direction was eye opening. I learned about patterns and how they have been showing up in order to guide me to the next step. I am living with much more certainty and direction now so I can make purposeful choices. Thank you Jenne!

Carley Van Laningham

I friggin’ love Jenne. She’s a fantastic coach. She helped me through a block I didn’t even realize I had. Crazy how shifting a mindset block can catapult you into exactly what you’re wanting. I would have never dug up that block without Jenne. 10 out of 10 would recommend Jenne’s coaching.

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