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The BEST Self-Help Books from a Self-Help Junkie

I've read MANY self-help books and on so many topics; from spirituality to weight-loss. Some have been so awful I couldn't finish them, and others I've read multiple times (Big Magic) or even remember where and when I read it because I loved it so much (How to be Here.)

As a coach, I sometimes recommend books for my clients to check out, so I've compiled this list of 7 books (in no particular order) and included some of my Goodreads ratings (cuz some of them weren't 5 stars, but I still found them valuable.)

For me, I've found that listening to Audiobooks has been helpful in finishing books since I can listen to them while I cook, walk my dog, or drive. Also, if buying books is not in your budget, see if your library has these books! I love using the Libby app for borrowing free library ebooks and audiobooks.


Did you read Eat Pray Love, the mega hit of 2006? I read it in High School and wished the memoir was going to lead to "The Secret of Life," which it didn't. I should probably re-read it, since I'd appreciate it more now.

Big Magic was written by the same author, Elizabeth Gilbert, who's content I love to soak up- especially in podcast form.

This book is like the Bible for anyone who is wanting to live a creative life. Whether you are a writer, an artist, or dabble in every creative whim your soul has, this book is a prefect guide to leaving your fears and "what if"s about your creative destiny behind and embracing your greatness- as well as your mediocrity.

It sits on my Goodreads Favorite Shelf with a 5 star review, and I've read it more than once because it's just that good.

Purchase Big Magic here.

Do you have the grit to achieve what's important to you? Honestly, I thought grit was more of a personality trait you were born with, but was pleasantly surprised to learn that it IS something you can improve.

Angela Duckworth is an expert on grit (who knew such a thing has been studied so thoroughgoingly!?) and has compiled her research of the grittiest people, who get through the most challenging life experiences (like West Point Cadets.) She's found that grit is more important than talent and IQ in predicting who will finish difficult experiences.

I found this book to be very inspiring for my journey as I continue to persevere toward the things that are most important to me, even when it's difficult or I'm not seeing results yet.

Purchase Grit here.

If you've learned anything about Law Of Attraction then you might be familiar with The Magic author Rhonda Byrne since she wrote the popular book The Secret.

The Magic focuses on the power of feeling gratitude in your life and what I really like about it was that it created an experience for the reader, not just knowledge on the page.

For 28 days you'll get to read a few pages with one task in practicing gratitude for each day. To me, the daily acts make this more than a book and that's why I recommend it.

On Goodreads I rated it 4/5 stars.

Purchase The Magic here.

Rob Bell is one of my favorite people on the planet! I've seen him on tour for his talks (highly recommend) and if you listen to any of his content or podcasts you'll end up reading his books in HIS voice- which is SOOO much fun!

Rob Bell used to be a pastor, and even though I no longer identify as a Christian, I greatly appreciate his take on life, spirituality, and education on understanding the Bible- from translation to social and historical context.

Now, this book doesn't really have anything to do with Christianity, only that that is his lens for seeing the world and I thought I'd mention it since self-help books range from academic, to spiritual.

There are parts of How to be Here that I haven't forgotten years after reading, and typing this is making me want to revisit this book.

Rob has a beautiful way of looking at the world and his zeal for life is infectious.

It got 5 stars from on Goodreads and is on my Favorite Books Shelf.

Purchase How to be Here here.

Gabby Bernstein is a very well-known personal development author who has had many life lessons, some stemming from moving from addict to a person in recovery.

When this book came out I saw on her social media that she claimed this was her best and most helpful book. Since I hadn't read any of her books yet and do struggle to finish books, I figured this would be the one of hers I should read.

To be perfectly honest, I rated it 3 out 5 stars on Goodreads, and I don't really remember any of the content of the book. What I do remember is recommending it to one of my best friends as I was reading it because I thought it would be really helpful to her journey.

For that reason, I decided to include it in this list.

Purchase Happy Days here.

The Slight Edge is perfect if you're wanting to learn more about building the life you want simply based on your habits. I read it at a time in my life where the Universe was teaching me to look at things long term.

I'd try things in my business or health for 30ish days and then get frustrated with the lack of results and feel like I need to give up or try something else.

This book really highlights that simple acts can be easy to do, but just as easy NOT to do. But if you laying one brick after another you will build a wall.

Disclaimer: this book has a very sales-y feel to it. The author will tell a story and then ask "how did they get these results? The Slight Edge!" It is annoying but there is enough good stuff in the book, that I still recommend it.

Purchase The Slight Edge here.

Who could write a self-help book list and leave off Brene Brown?? She really has it all- the knowledge from her research, compassion, warmth, honesty, and insight.

I read this book as a part of a guided book club led by a therapist and it was a very interesting way to digest this book and hear other perspectives and what others found valuable while reading it.

The themes of this book center on releasing shame and perfectionism, while embracing your imperfect worthiness.

If you don't want to read it, I'd at least check out Brene Brown's Ted Talk, The Power of Vulnerability.

The Gifts of Imperfection earned 5 out 5 from me on Goodreads!

Purchase The Gifts of Imperfection here.

Disclaimer: Jenne Sharpe is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

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